Different types of Cement you must know

Cement is a magic mixture that can bring many dreams to life. If you are looking for varieties of Cement, then you are on the right webpage. In this article, we are providing you with a list of different Cement that is widely used in the market.

1.     Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Ordinary Portland cement is one of the very ordinary Cements which is extensively used in the construction industry. This Cement exhibits exclusive resistance to the cracks. It is also very resistible to the dry shrinkage and clutters. It is also very resistant to the chemical attack. OPC is not suitable for the construction work in the Sulphate soil. There are also subcategories in the Ordinary Portland Cement, and they are 33grade, 43 grade and 53 grade.


2.    Rapid Hardening cement

Rapid hardening cement has very common features like ordinary Portland cement. The addition of C3S achieves the strength of the Cement by mixing C2S content in the Cement.  As the name suggests, the Cement is used in the places where quick hardening is demanded. The Cement also exhibits high-quality early strength and strong establishment with the neighbouring materials. It requires the same water-cement ratio for hardening and is not used for massive concrete constructions.

3.    Low heat Portland Cement

This variant of Cement is obtained by lowering the C3S content while increasing the C2S content. It exhibits less compressive strength than the ordinary Portland cement. It possess less lime content that the OPC. This is the ideal type of Cement used in the construction of retaining walls, and it is strictly not suitable for thin layered structure.

Low heat Portland Cement

4.    Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement is one of the very efficient cement material exclusively used in the development of Sulphate prone areas. This kind of Cement provides ultimate resistance to the sulphur attacks and helps retain the quality of the installation. It is manufactured by maintaining C3A percentage below 5. This material is extensively used in foundation of soil, in margarine constructions, sewage treatment tanks and so on.

5.    High Aluminium Cement

High Aluminium Cement is used in the rich alumina conquered area. This Cement provides incredible strength within a short time. This Cement is exclusively used in the places where salty water, sloths and seawater, chemical plans and furnaces are found.

6.   Blast Furnace slag cement

As the name suggests, this variety of Cement is used in the Blast furnaces. These varieties are very cheap in nature compared to the Ordinary Portland cement. It is manufactured for providing exceptional resistance to the heat.

7.    Coloured Cement

It is also known as Concrete. It is produced by mixing colouring pigment to eth ordinary Portland cement. It is majoring used in the filling up of gaps between the tiles or bricks and so on. The Cement shows early strength but gradually becomes week and fades the colour pigments.