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Easy DIY Craft Idea For Home Decorating

Desiring a beautiful and decorated home has become the most common wish of every individual. The culture of inviting friends and extended family members home is one of the ancient practices that we human practice since civilization. All this we do for two significant reasons, one is to feel self-satisfied, and the second fundamental reason is to impress your friends and family. Having an exquisite décor is a matter of pride these days. If you are planning to decorate your home with the best DIY crafts, then dedicate yourself to this article. Here is an impressive list of easy craft ideas for home décor.

  1. Brick painting

This is one of the very coolest and trendy designs to keep your home well painted. The bricks are easy to wash and fix to the walls.

Brick painting

  1. Bottlecap wall hooks

What is more fun than converting used items into useful items? Bottle caps are one such asset that gives a stylish look for your bedrooms to hang your kinds of stuff.

  1. Wine cork necklace rack

Turn a few of your wine corks into the stylish necklace rack. Jewellery hangers are one of the costly items. Corks can be the best idea to use as décor.

  1. Broken chairs as feet rest

Converting the broken chair into a feet rest is one amazing craft that will add more fun to the activity.

  1. Bottles aspen stands

If you have any plastic bottles, cut them into half, paint it and use it as a pen stand.

  1. Floating bookshelf

Floating bookshelf

Create a floating bookshelf, which can create an illusion look to the wall.

  1. Paint the old pots into golden colour

Golden is most of our favourite colours. If you have any old pots, then colour them with gold and increase the charm of the container.

  1. Coin soap holder

Paste the old coins onto a holder and keep soaps on it. It brings a more stylish look to your washroom.

  1. Broken table as a nightstand

If you have any old broken table, then cut it into two and pastes it against the wall and uses it as a nightstand.

  1. Cable to coil

Cable to coil

If you possess any unused old cable, then convert into a loop and paste the wires with huge and use it as a mat in your washroom.

  1. Handwritten canvas

If you are not an artist but creative, then show your talent here. Take a canvas, write whatever you like and frame it to hang it on the wall.

  1. Curtain headboard

If you have huge curtains hanging in your home, cut them into half and stitch them across and use them as curtain heads. They provide a classier look. Even a bedspread can be used for this purpose.